Call Capital Water Supply for Well Services in Stittsville Well Drilling

At Capital Water we dig wells for commercial and residential use. We can also install heat pumps, public water supplies, irrigation, livestock wells and monitoring holes. We are able to drill six or eight-inch cased wells to Ministry of Environment code (Regulation 903.)

Submersible Pump Installation and Repairs

We supply and install pump pressure systems for use in our drilled wells. If you’ve got a pump that’s broken down or malfunctioning don’t worry – we can also carry out repairs to pumps to make sure that you always have a plentiful supply of water.

Flow Test on Existing Wells

We’re able to perform a number of tests to gather important data about your well. We can test how much water your pump is producing, and we can also determine the depth, flow rate, static level as well as the flow rate of the well. Gathering this data enables us to optimize your well and to figure out the best place to locate your pump. These tests are usually done when an existing home is being sold and there is no water well record found on the well.

Casing Upgrades

On old existing wells, where well heads are buried below grade, we are able to extend the casing, install the proper pitless adaptor for the pump system that is in use, and bring all above ground to meet the Reg. 903. We also can extend well casing if the grade is being raised on the property.

Abandoned Wells

If you have an abandoned well on your property we can make it safe and fill it in with either bentonite or concrete. We are able to fill in old existing drilled and dug wells that are not being used as per the Ministry of Environment Reg. 903

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